Information Technology Plan

District Information Technology Literacy Plan 2011-2014 (pdf)

Implementation Action Plans
A. Effective Teaching & Learning:  
Need: The District has begun identifying critical learning targets, developing summative and formative assessments connected to these critical learning targets and grading for learning.  Documentation needs to occur in curriculum maps and online grade book.
Goal:  Develop standards-based competencies in all content areas to sustain a plan that incorporates grading for learning and authentic assessment.

B. Educator Proficiency:  
Need:  The District needs to update how instruction is delivered and students learn. Student learning environments need to extend beyond the time and space locations of traditional models. This will require that course content is digitized and organized for student access.   
In addition, a one-to-one computing initiative has been started.   A sustainable plan needs to be developed.  The District needs to consider how to leverage student owned devices into the available tools to students.  Blended learning opportunities will help transition from traditional to a more 21st century learning mode.
The district needs to train staff in the use of Web 2.0 tools for all content areas. The use of blogs, wikis, discussion forums and other interactive web based tools need to be identified for best use by content areas.  Utilize and explore best practices in assistive technology software and to use with students.
Goal :  Develop best practice in the use of 21st century skills for student learning.

C.  Access to Information & Technology Resources:  
Need:  The District needs to increase the level of interaction with local business and community stakeholders.   Mentoring and volunteering opportunities to improve the quality of student experience and community life.
The District web site is being redesigned during this plan and will use improved tools for communicating with parents.  E-mail newsletters, RSS feeds, social media, and surveys will be used to increase parent awareness and input into each school.
Goal: Involve the community to increase awareness, communication, and participation in student learning.

D. Support Systems & Leadership
Need:  The school district has begun an implementation plan for RtI (Response to Intervention) and needs to identify research based interventions, strategies and measurements for monitoring student progress. The District needs to continue from the prior plan to develop the capacity and the skills to use student assessment and standardized test data in making informed decisions about instruction and to support future online assessments from DPI.
Goal:  Implement RtI plan and develop capacity and skills to use data to make informed instructional decisions.

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