Prices & Policies

Food Options and Costs

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Milk (if a separate purchase) 
Lunch Line (includes milk)  $2.60
Reduced price lunch (includes milk)

6th grade through 8th grade

Milk (if a separate purchase)
Lunch Line (includes milk)  
Reduced Price Lunch (includes milk)
Ala Carte (snacks/second helpings)

h grade through 12th grade

Milk (if a separate purchase)  .35
Lunch Line (includes milk)
Reduced Price Lunch (includes milk)
Ala Carte (snacks/second helpings)

Breakfast available at JLMS & GHS

Breakfast (includes milk) $1.50
Reduced Price (includes milk)

Visitor Lunches

 visitors choosing to eat in a school cafeteria must purchase a $3.65 "Guest Lunch Pass" from the school office. A payment with exact change is helpful
20-21 Debit Lunch Policies & FAQ

Free or Reduced Price
Lunches / Breakfasts

Parents who think they may be eligible for participation in the Free or Reduced Lunch /Breakfast Program can submit an application anytime throughout the year at any school or the district office. Strict confidentiality is assured with this system.

If you qualify, your application will be valid through the school year and must be resubmitted EVERY August.

This program provides per day, one lunch that includes one milk at a free or reduced price of .40. Individual milks or food items are at your expense but will not be available for purchase until you have given the school permission to make this option available to your child and have deposited money in your account to cover purchases.

Children of parents who have qualified for Free / Reduced Price Lunches can also purchase breakfasts, at a free or reduced cost, at our middle school and high school.

For additional questions & answers about free or reduced price breakfast click HERE.

Payments Balance Remindersrs

Your first deposit must be made prior to the first time your child wishes to make a purchase.

Online paying is available through e~Funds for schools.  Instructions are available for first time logins. Online payments are credited within 12 hours on school days.

Checks or cash payments that are properly labeled will be credited to your account within 24 to 48 hours of being received by the Debit Lunch Account Coordinator. Checks should always have, on the memo line, the name of the student(s) for whom you are paying. For your convenience, addressed mailing envelopes are available at any school office. To avoid delays, ALWAYS have your child's first and last name on whatever envelope or check you use; especially when paying cash! Payments can be dropped inside any school office lock box or mailed to:

School District of Grafton

Debit Lunch Program

1900 Washington Street

Grafton   WI   53024

Whether mailing your payment, sending it with your child, hand delivering it or paying online, please keep enough money in your account to allow your student to make purchases while your next payment is being processed. Do not let your balance go below zero. This costs the district time and money and sometimes results in a student being unable to make a purchase.

Any account that falls below a negative $15 will be closed until the negative amount is paid and money is placed in the account to cover future purchases. We will make every effort to notify the responsible party if the account is to be closed.

Accounts will be reinstated 24 hours after receipt of payment.

If you have informed the district of your email address, you will receive email balance reminders on Wednesday when your balance goes below $30, and on Monday/Thursday when you balance goes below $10.

Though this can be a very helpful service, the most reliable information, regarding your account, can be found by logging into Family Access, after 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you prefer, you can be removed from one or both forms of reminders keeping in mind that you need to be diligent about maintaining a positive balance.

 Balance / Purchase Inquiry

Go to the District web site ( and click on the Family Access & Food Service Login tab or click on the link below:

Log into your personal account

 Misc. Inquiries


Kari Wall
Nutrition Financial Coordinator


 Year End  Refunds

The money in your family account is yours and balances can remain in your account and carry over to the next school year. We ask that you try not to carry over any negative balance.

Parents / Guardians whose last child is graduating will receive a check for the balance of their account. Balances of $5 or less will be given to your child as cash on their last day. Negative balances must be paid prior to graduation. If you do not wish to receive a refund, you may donate your balance to our Angel Fund, which helps families in need. 

If you are closing your account because your student is leaving the district or for any other reason, a form for requesting the remainder of your balance can be obtained from any school office or by clicking HERE.


Balances will be mailed to you but any balance less than $5.00 must be collected in person at the District office.


Account Responsibility: Parents/Guardians are responsible for all purchases made by their child.

Closing Accounts: At the district’s discretion accounts can be closed temporarily, permanently or require cash only, no checks. We will make every attempt to notify the responsible party if the account is to be closed.

Overdrawn Accounts: Any account that falls below a negative $15.00 or more will be closed until the negative amount is paid and money is placed in the account to cover future purchases. Accounts will be reinstated within 24 hours of receipt of payment. 

Questions not addressed above? please refer to 20-21 Debit Lunch Program Policies & FAQ

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