Development Milestones

2 year olds

24-29 months

  • Jumps down off stable surface 16-20 inches high without support

  • Stand on one leg and balances 1-2 seconds

  • Walks 5 steps on tiptoes

  • Walks backward 10 feet

  • Throws ball 5-7 feet

30-35 months

  • Kicks ball forward 6 feet

  • Jumps forward from taped line 24 inches

  • Climbs on play equipment

  • Completes stairs up and down one foot per step

  • Hops on one foot 3x without losing balance

3 year olds

  • Stands on one foot >3 seconds

  • Jumps off step independently with 2 feet

  • Propels ride on toy with feet on floor

  • Rotates body on ball

  • Swings on swing pum ping self

4 year olds

  • Hops on one foot repeatedly without support

  • Stands on one foot for 2 seconds

  • Skips and gallops

  • Running with reciprocal arm swing

  • Rides bicycle with training wheels or propels tricycle

  • Makes board long jumps

  • Improved balance and coordination with activities

  • Catches a bounced ball often

5 year olds

  • Stands on one foot for 10 seconds

  • Hops and attempts skipping

  • Completes a somersault

  • Climbs with ease and exploration on playground

  • Independent with toileting

6-7 year olds

  • Moves in time to the rhythm and beat of music

  • Rides a two wheel bicycle

  • Learns swimming skills

  • Learning sports with improved control and coordination

8-10 years old

  • Improved reaction time and dexterity for physical activities

  • Increased large muscle strength and coordination for sports games

  • Increased stamina (swim, run farther)

Areas of concern and possible reasons for referral:

  • Unable to engage with motor play at level of peers

  • Falls down or trips often

  • Complains of pain

  • Difficulty with curbs or stairs

  • Unable to maintain active upright postural engagement

  • Unable to navigate playground equipment safely

  • Unable to navigate between school environments

  • Unable to keep pace with class motor activities

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Theranotes: Developmental Skills for Children;  Therapy Skills Builders 1998.

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