Eligibility & Dismissal Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for PT Services

In order to receive PT services, a student must demonstrate a clustering of delayed standardized test scores and/or delays in educationally related functional skills.


Functional Performance Areas:

  • Mobility: Students have difficulty moving about the school environment, navigating halls, stairs, and curbs, and have difficulty with transitions in/out of seating in school and on/off floor.

  • Postural Control:  Students demonstrate significant difficulty maintaining functional positions, upright posture for engagement, and movements which support educational tasks.

  • Motor control/coordination: Students have difficulty performing necessary motor skills to engage in class with appropriate timing and coordination..

  • Gross motor skills:  Students demonstrate difficulty engaging in age appropriate ball skills, locomotor skills, and physical education and recess related activities with peers

  • Strength/endurance:  Students have significant difficulty with stamina and strength to participate and engage in their school day activities.

  • Functional activities of daily living: Students require assistance with toileting, hand washing, lunch and snack time activities, and dressing skills for outerwear due to strength, balance, or motor coordination delays.

Dismissal Criteria for PT Services

PT service may be discontinued when any of the following occur:

  • The student's performance is assessed to be within age expectation, based on the student's chronological age or is commensurate with cognitive abilities.

  • The established goals have been met.

  • There is a plateau in the student's performance.  The student is no longer making progress toward identified goals.

  • The difficulties the student demonstrates no longer interferes with academic performance in special education.

  • The service is not needed for the student to benefit from his/her special education.

  • The student's parents request the termination of services.

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