K-5 Report Card, Grading and Homework

Report Cards
The purpose of the report card is to communicate each student's achievement and effort to parents/guardians, teachers, and the individual child.  These results, based on our District's learning expectations for each grade level, will provide feedback for student self-evaluation and motivation to grow and learn.  Official report cards will be issued on the following schedule:

  • K-5 Grade level report cards                   
    • Three times a year (late November/early December, early March and when school ends in June)
  • K-5 Specialist report cards (Art, Music, Physical Education)                      
    • Two times a year (Late November/early December and when school ends in June)

There are two scheduled conference times for parents to meet with teachers.  Conferences are scheduled 4 to 5 weeks before marking the report cards in order to inform parents of progress prior to the report cards being sent home.  Conferences occur in fall and spring.  Parents are encouraged to connect with teachers outside of these two conference times via phone, email, or by setting up an appointment.

Grading and Reporting Progress to Parents
The grading is based on a standards-based grading practice that reflects actual student performance according to state standards and the district’s identified learning targets/skills for each grade level.  The purpose of the standards-based grading is to:

  • communicate the secure and essential skills identified for each content area and grade level.
  • identify how students are progressing, academically, in terms of the grade level’s secure and essential skills.
  • share how students are doing in the areas of Academics, Effort, and Personal Development.
  • provide data for program improvement at the district and or classroom level or responsive instruction for individual students.

The Academic Grading Criteria is based on academic essential skills for each course.  Student performance of the essential and secure skills tells how students are meeting the standards.  The level the students perform at will be identified as a Beginning, Developing or Secure skill level.

  • Secure – Student consistently performs and applies the skill correctly, independently, and efficiently.
  • Developing – Student shows some understanding during independent practice; however, errors still occur.  Reminders and suggestions are needed to complete the task.
  • Beginning – Student demonstrates limited understanding and cannot complete the task independently.

A student’s effort in each course is separate from their achievement of secure and essential skills/learning targets.  The effort mark pertains to each content area.

  • Meets or exceeds expectations
  • Approaching expectations
  • Needs improvement to meet expectations

Work Habits and Personal and Social Growth are two additional areas that are assessed to show the area of Personal Development.  These areas of development are critical components to creating a respectful, supportive learning environment. 

Homework is marked within the Work Habits area of Personal Development of the Progress Report to parents.  Homework will be designed to serve valid educational purposes, which include:

  • Preparation for upcoming instruction
  • Practice, review or mastery for lessons taught
  • Extension or application of concepts and skills taught in the classroom
  • Develop study habits and promote independent learning
  • Involve parents in the learning process

Students should receive feedback on homework.  Homework related to practice and preparation should not have a substantial effect on a cumulative grade.  Summative homework assigned after students have been given ample opportunity to practice a skill, can be included in a cumulative grade.

Homework should be encouraged as a valuable learning tool to reinforce concepts, promote the development and mastery of academic skills, and involve parents in the learning process.  Homework will be developmentally appropriate and clearly defined.  Homework that is based on introductory skills or practice of those introductory skills should not be graded as a part of the academic skill grade.  Homework completion should be marked in the Personal Development area.

Homework should be encouraged and be developmentally appropriate.  The amount of time students spend on homework is valuable information.  Teachers and parents should use the guide below to monitor and have conversations to make sure the homework is appropriate and fits within the guidelines.  Though it is impossible to predict the time necessary for all students to complete assignments because of different learning rates and age levels, approximately 10 minutes per grade level is suggested.

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