Triangle Traverse / Wild Woozy

Triangle Traverse
: A triangular shaped cable that requires the teamwork of another person in which partners work together to go as far across the cables as they can without falling. Participants start at the narrow end and work outwards

Set Up: Two cables are strung tautly between poles or trees(a series of 4 poles) at a height of no more than 2 ½ feet above the ground in the shape of a triangle. Turnbuckles are used on each cable which allow a convenient put up and take down capability. Always connect the traversing rope and check all cables and connections to make sure they are taught.
Special Instructions/Safety:
• The facilitator, and all those participants not yet on the bacles, should act as spotters. Spotting is very essential on this element
• If a tension traverse, swing, or multi vine is part of the crossing, make sure that at least one spotter is assigned to the person making the attempt
• All individuals must have at least one foot in contact with the cable at all times.
• Participants must contract with their spot team before stepping on the cable.
• Participants should not lunge, leap, or jump toward the telephone pole.
• The entire team should do whatever they need to do to support the participants as they travel along the cable.
• If participants are going to fall, they should not fight the falling tendency and should step down off the cable.
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