Student Directions for Using Novell Netstorage

Please read through the directions below.

Make sure you select "SAVE" or "SAVE AS" when you select your file.

Save the Document into your Documents, My Documents, Desktop, or Downloads folder.  You want to make sure you know the folder location you saved your file.

If you select "Open" and begin working on the file, you may store the document in a temporary internet file location and potentially lose your work on the file.

You will be prompted with a security certificate when you use Netstorage.    

The current certificate on the server is an internally generated file and has not been verified by a certificate authority.  This causes your browser to view the site as on unsecure site. 

Video Tutorials for each Internet Browser

Login Directions

Login with your username (ex. SMITHJOH000 ) and your Novell network password.   

You will not need to enter the ".g#" after your username.

Internet Explorer Login
Firefox & Chrome Login
How to use the program
Click on "+" sign next  to the DriveH folder or the DriveH folder in the left window to open the drive or folders.
Place a check mark in the box next to the file you want.

Click on the small "File" link above your list of files and then select Download.

You may have to acknowledge a warning at the top of your browser to download the file.  Select Download File.

Also, with Internet Explorer, you may need to click on the left folder list a second time to download the file.

Select "Save" and note the location you saved the document. You will need to find the file you just saved and open it for editing. You may want to exit out of the Netstorage program.  Save your work frequently.

How to send the file back to the school network

The changes you have made to your downloaded file are saved on your home computer. You will need to log back into Netstorage, click the folders open to where you want to upload your updated file. Click on the small "File" link above your list of files and then select Upload.

You will need to select "Browse" to find where you saved the file, select the file and choose "upload".


You can also send new files from your home computer to your network drive.

Click on the Door exit button in the middle top when you are done.






Note: Home computer settings you may need to change

You will probably need to turn off your pop-up blocker for this site address. Depending on the pop-up blocker you have on your home computer, you can right click on the pop-up blocked to allow this site or you can click on the pop-up blocker icon in your toolbar.

You may need to right click on a yellow warning bar at the top of the

screen to allow the program to run.     (Allow Blocked Content, or Install ActiveX control)


You may also need to "trust" this site so that you can run Active X controls to download files.

In Internet Explorer, do the following: Click on Tools / Options / Security / Trusted Sites / Sites

Type in / Click on Add.

To add a URL handling NetStorage authentication to the Trusted Site list in your Internet Explorer by selecting

     Tools -> Internet Options -> Security ->Trusted Sites -> Sites -> type in  -> Add





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