Tee-Pee (TP) Shuffle
tp shuffle

Tee-Pee (TP) Shuffle

Description: placing an entire group on top of a horizontal pole or log. Divide the group in half and ask those two halves to face one another and trades ends without stepping off the pole, or making contact with the group. An instructor may also have the students line up in some sort of order once everyone is already on the pole.

Set Up: A 30 foot section of telephone pole or hardwood log is bolted atop or pinned with 5/8th inch bolts to the two notched log crosspieces. The average height is 12 to 18 inches to the top of the log.
Special Instruction/ Safety:
• This is a self-spotted event: i.e, the participants should be aware that a fall to the ground is possible, and they should be responsible for them to stay on top, as well as for the members in their group.
• If moving quickly along the length of the log, alert the group to the possibility of a turned ankle and suggest to temper their enthusiasm with care